Data engineering is hard. I can help.

Hi there! I'm Alex Rasmussen, and Bits on Disk is my freelance data engineering business. I help startups and SMBs build, manage, and maintain their data infrastructure.

I've spent 15 years solving data infrastructure problems of all shapes and sizes in both industry and academia. As an early member of a couple fast-growing startups, I've worn many hats - individual contributor, tech lead, manager, and executive - and I bring that breadth of experience to my work with my clients.

How I Can Help

Fractional Remote Data Engineer

If you're struggling to hire data engineers, or you have a data problem that's not quite big enough for a full time data engineer to support, I can augment your team as a senior data engineer on a fractional basis.

Custom Data Infrastructure Development

If your team is small or your company is early-stage, sometimes hiring full-time data engineers just doesn't make sense. I can help you develop data infrastructure that your team will be able to maintain and extend over time.

Advisory Consulting

In the modern data ecosystem, there's a lot of hype, a lot of confusion, and a plethora of ever-changing solutions competing for your attention. I can help you make sense out of all that noise without bombarding you with buzzwords.

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