Put your data to work.

Working with data is hard. I can help.

Hi! I'm Alex Rasmussen, a data engineer with over a decade of experience building high-performance, robust data processing systems.


I offer a wide range of services for clients looking to establish or improve their data processing, storage and analytics capabilities. I serve any company with a data problem, from bootstrapped startups to large, public companies.

Here are some of the ways you can engage with me. If you're interested in any of these services (or want to discuss another type of engagement), please contact me.

Professional Services: I can embed myself into your team as a principal engineer or architect and do anything from shipping individual features to prototyping and building new services or systems from scratch. I've written, debugged, and tested large software systems written in C++, Python, Java, and node.js. I've deployed that software in AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and on-premises, both containerized and non-containerized.

Strategy and Architecture Review: Whether you're establishing your company's data strategy, retrofitting a legacy one, or adding new capabilities to your established systems, I can work with you to cut through a sea of buzzwords and architect a solution that will meet your requirements cost-effectively and simply.

Performance Optimization: Performance problems in data processing systems are notoriously difficult to solve. As part of my dissertation work on the record-setting TritonSort sorting system, I spent a lot of time on performance optimization, and I can bring that expertise to bear on your performance problems.

Troubleshooting: Modern data systems can have a lot of moving parts, which makes fixing them when they break particularly challenging. I can provide an extra set of eyes on the problem.

Training: If you or your employees need to learn more about how modern data systems work, I can provide on-site, hands-on training courses to familiarize them.

Research: Choosing between different techniques or technologies for solving a problem and don't have time to figure out which one will work best for your use case? I can research the problem and produce a report to help guide your decision-making.

Hiring Me

To schedule an introductory call, please e-mail me.