Client Success Stories

"At a time when Quizlet didn’t really have a standalone data engineering team, Alex’s consulting help kept Quizlet’s data science and analytics pipelines flowing, and contributed materially to shifting our practices towards modern data engineering standards by introducing dbt. Alex is a skilled communicator verbally and in writing, and his legacy lives on in excellent wiki entries and docs. Alex has such breadth of knowledge in data subjects that it’s hard to believe how much depth he has as well. If you need an anchor to stabilize your data domain and advise while you build up that function, Alex can help."

— Tom Lancaster, Senior Director of Data Engineering, Quizlet

"Alex accelerated the implementation of our data/ETL strategy by at least 6 months. His work allowed us to introduce new revenue-generating product lines and set us up for efficient, long-term storage. He also assisted us in creating a data engineering interview loop and rubric, helped us interview data engineers, and even helped us close a high-potential data engineer.

Alex is a data engineering wizard - extremely professional, takes ownership of his work, and consistently delivers high-quality results on time. Above all, he is a great person to work with and a fantastic team player. We have attempted to hire Alex full-time on multiple occasions, which demonstrates how much we value his contributions and how impactful he has been for our company."

— Suyog Rao, Head of Engineering, Metronome