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Fractional Remote Data Engineer

Data engineers are hard to find, but they're critical enablers of your data team's success. Without a solid infrastructural foundation, your data team may find itself spending more time keeping the infrastructure working than they do delivering value for your business. This problem becomes even more acute when your business is growing rapidly.

If you can't find data engineers, or you want to make progress on your data infrastructure problems without going through the time and expense of hiring a data engineer full-time, I can help.

How It Works

I embed myself into your team as an experienced remote data engineer, for some number of days per week over a period of weeks or months. While embedded, I'm there to do whatever helps you meet your goals. Although I'm typically not in my clients' on-call rotations, basically anything else is fair game.

During our work together, you'll know exactly what you're paying for. Every week, I'll send you a synopsis of what's been done that week, what I'm expecting to accomplish next week, and anything we need to discuss to keep work going smoothly.

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